We are part of Storskogen

Since 2021, Wibe Group is owned by the Swedish company Storskogen. A company that invests in well-run, small and medium-sized businesses that are leaders in their market and have solid profitability. Just like Wibe Group.

Storskogen invests in long-term ownership and decentralized decision making, in order give its businesses the power to develop for the future. This makes Storskogen the best owners we can think of. We always work closely with our customers and listen to their needs and wishes, requiring us to be quick-footed and make fast decisions. In the same way, Storskogen works – with the driving forces of entrepreneurship in focus.

With Storskogen behind us, we can continue to develop our business. Thanks to the company’s strategy of long-term ownership and decentralized decision making, the knowledge we have within Wibe Group ensures we can continue to strengthen our position in the cable management systems around the world.