Welcome to Sweden

In Mora since 1929


It’s been almost 100 years since our founder Anders Wikstrand started a small factory in Mora. The first Wibe ladders were made here. Even though we’ve expanded all over the world, Mora has continued to be an important place for our company. And for the small town of Mora, Wibe Group is today an important employer that the whole area feels proud of. We’ve had our factories in several places around Mora. Therefore, asking for directions to Wibe Group today may be a bit difficult, depending on who you ask. One person may give you the address of where we had our factory in the 1950s. Someone else may direct you to where the factory was located from the very beginning. In short – Wibe Group plays an important role for Mora and Mora is an important part of Wibe. Today, we have around 150 employees working here.