Flexible, elevated GRP troughing for railways. With a longer span.

A fit-and-forget system that lasts a lifetime

For a much easier, fully flexible, and a complete, sustainable installation

→ GRP GMAX® offers both posts and troughing in GRP, ensuring a lifetime performance with much less maintenance.
→ GRP is non-conductive, which means no earth bonding
and no EMC liability. Also, slow heat transfer and resistant to electromagnetic pulses. It offers an excellent fire performance.
→ Saves time and money: longer span between posts means less digging and improved health and safety.

GRP GMAX® means lower costs, safer and easier installation, plus no EMC liability. 

→ Easy to transport: reduces transport requirements and possession times.
→ Easy to install: GRP is 70% lighter than steel.
→ Easy to configure: GRP is easier to cut and fit than
→ A lifetime performance: GRP is both UV resistant and corrosion resistant, making it ideal for heavy-duty environments with high air pollution and tough conditions.
→ High flexibility: Vertical and horizontal flexibility when installing on uneven grounds and curved routes.

GRP GMAX offers both posts and troughing in GRP.

1. Trough 100x160 mm

2. Trough 200x200 mm

3. Adjustable cantilever for side mounting (Horizontal and vertical flexibility)

4. Adjustable top mounting bracket (Horizontal and vertical flexibility)

5. Inclined top mounting bracket (Vertical flexibility)

6. Heavy duty post (up to 5 troughs)

7. Light duty post (single trough)


GRP GMAX® trough is a heavy-duty Glass Fibre fiber-reinforced pultrusion with a clip-on lid. Troughing is available in 2 sizes to ensure efficient cable fill capacity and economical cable runs.


Brackets for supporting the troughs onto the post are either (Top Mounting) or the side of the post (Cantilever). All brackets are manufactured from Stainless steel. Posts are pre-drilled for Top Mounting Brackets. Holes for fixing Cantilevers are drilled on-site after first positioning the Cantilever at the required height on the post.


Inclined Top Mounting Bracket

The Inclined Top Mounting Bracket should be used for straight runs, where there is only minor deviation in the horizontal path. It can be adjusted 45° in the vertical plane.


Adjustable Top Mounting Bracket and Cantilever for side mounting

These brackets can be adjusted both in the horizontal and vertical planes. Maximum angular adjustment 30°, in both horizontal and vertical planes.


Elevated troughs are supported on GRP posts which are available in three different sizes to ensure the most economical solution.


Heavy duty post

For both the Top Mounting Bracket and up to 4 Cantilevers.



Light duty post

Only for Top Mounting Bracket.

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