What is GRP?

GRP is the abbreviation of Glass Reinforced Polymer, meaning it is a man-made resin based material which makes it a polymer, reinforced with glass. Polymer itself is extremely strong. It is a fiber material and in contrary to how it sounds it is very durable. It is resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, resistant to mildew and abrasion as well. When it is reinforced with glass, it becomes a structural polymer. You can build and construct many things as well as cable ladders, trays, posts etc which are resistant to fire and highly corrosive environments. Further to these, GRP does not conduct heat. It has extra durability to adverse weather conditions and has UV stability which makes it an excellent candidate for outdoor applications, even for Wind substations built in the middle of the sea. The range is composed of ladders, trays or so called troughs in rail business language and it can support any type of power and data cable runs.

GRP Cable Support

Solutions for every application GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) cable support systems possess unique properties which enable them to resist many corrosive environments, particularly where conditions indicate that conventional materials may not provide an economic service life. 


Our offer includes a complete GRP cable support system range specifically designed for harsh and corrosive environments ensuring a sustainable installation through its lifetime. Serving industries of transportation, onshore and offshore power, water and waste management, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many more, Mita GRP stands for “peace of mind” with its “fit and forget” solutions.

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